Design Services

Moving into a new home? New construction in the plans? Have rooms that need a style makeover or a complete facelift? Engage an experienced interior designer to help you with all you need, from paint color consultations to window treatment solutions, furniture space plans, finish selections, furniture and accessory shopping, and everything in between.

Home Staging

Bringing out your home’s best potential in style and design, home staging services are easily affordable with pricing starting at only $150.00. Staging brings life to your empty rooms! Whether we re-work what you have, complement furnishings with artwork and accessories, or bring in everything new, your home will stand out from the competition.

Design Gallery

We approach each project with a fresh perspective and custom tailor the interior design and function to your compliment your unique personality. Whether it be your next home or a long-overdue update, we have the vision, resources and design talent to bring each space to its fullest potential.