Anything – but – Plain Jane

Some people dance, some sing … I create and design. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love for art and an appreciation for the unique. Even as a young child, I was always painting, sewing, rearranging my bedrooms – anything creative and I was in my element. My wheels are constantly turning… gleaning inspiration and ideas from everything around me. It is an innate ability to walk into a space and know how to bring out its potential to feel unforgettable.

In my 20’s, I was a merchandiser and award winning make-up artist for Chanel, which trained my eye for detailed arrangements and beautiful color combinations. Then as a real estate broker, before HGTV was ever around, I staged homes for my sellers. It made sense to use my talents in design to make their homes look better and sell faster.

Buyers need an emotional connection to a house, and having a background in real estate and design is fundamental to my staging business. As an artist and designer, my interiors don’t look fake and generic. I design and style spaces to make them fresh, hip, and unique – drawing people in to help them envision their lives there.

In my home and the houses I design, I always endeavor to create happy, interesting, layered and uplifting spaces. Meaningful pieces, favorite colors and treasured keepsakes, are the details that make your surroundings special and unique. Everyone has a sense of style… sometimes they just need help finding it!

Do whatever you want to do but do it with all your heart”

Touching people’s lives for the better and creating beautiful spaces to call home, is my specialty! Check out my portfolio.

Looking forward to transforming your next project!

Janie Sussenbach

My Inside Designer