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For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for design and an appreciation for the unique. My wheels are constantly turning… gleaning inspiration and ideas from everything around me. It is an innate ability to walk into a space and know how to bring out its potential to feel timeless, stylish & unique.

Client satisfaction, honesty, practicality and clear communication are integral to each project. We provide our clients with living spaces that emulate stylish function for comfortable living. Once we put together a design plan, the real fun begins: selecting all finishes, materials, fixtures, and furnishings!

Buyers need an emotional connection to a house, and having a background in real estate and design is fundamental to my staging business. As an artist and designer, my interiors don’t look fake and generic. I design and style spaces to make them fresh, hip, and unique – drawing people in to help them envision their lives there.

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I love a well-traveled, eclectic house with objects, layered one upon the other, that tell a story about who lives there, where they’ve been, and what they love. There’s nothing worse than walking into someone’s house that looks like they just called up a decorator, or bought everything in one day. Curating a warm layered feel with texture and character is what I specialize in!

Touching people’s lives for the better and creating beautiful spaces to call home, is my specialty! 

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Looking forward to transforming your next project!
Janie Sussenbach

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Looking forward to transforming your next project.