Artistic Creations
Art is all around us – you never know what can spark a new project or bring a property to life.

I’m always in creative mode … whether it be painting, gardening, floral design, or a fun DIY project around the house. I love nothing more than collaborating with realtors when staging for sale or homeowners to create an original design element or incorporate a treasured keepsake – making your home a true reflection of you!

“I’d rather die of passion than of boredom”

- Vincent Van Gogh

Original Art
Original artwork by Janie Sussenbach can be rented or purchased. Custom commissions that are unique for your special spaces are available. Janie will consult with you on the perfect sized piece that will elevate your interiors and enhance your color scheme. Acrylics are offered with most custom artwork.
Floral Design

Floral design has always been one of my passions. Bringing the beauty of nature inside is essential for balancing the many hard edges inherent to most homes. It also introduces an organic layer of texture and color to freshen and personalize your space. Years ago, I dreamed of owning a floral/home décor shop. Since childhood, I’ve been drawn to miniatures and hidden gardens from books like “Frog and Toad”. My Enchanted Gardens are intricate worlds inside vintage cigar boxes that delight and captivate the imagination.

These are examples of some of the custom arrangements and wreaths I’ve made for my clients.

From simple to elaborate, my creations contribute beauty to your surroundings and inspire a sense of joy.