I love a well-traveled, eclectic house with objects, layered one upon the other, that tell a story about who lives there, where they’ve been, and what they love. There’s nothing worse than walking into someone’s house that looks like they just called up a decorator, or bought everything in one day.

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Interior Design Solutions

New Construction and Remodeling

Whether you are building from scratch, buying into a new development, scraping an entire house, remodeling one room or just adding on, My Inside Designer can take on your project. Design decisions can be overwhelming… from paint colors, tile and cabinets to flooring, plumbing fixtures, window treatments and lighting… we’ll guide you throughout the process, with all the resources you need to save time and money.

Complete Design Solutions for any Budget

We’ll make your home inspiring and special by combining your favorite colors with meaningful pieces, and unique finds. Want new furnishings or just a few well-chosen items to complete your rooms? We’ll find the perfect pieces and we can work within any budget.

Design Consultations

My Inside Designer caters to the client in search of unusually beautiful rooms.
If that’s you and you’re in the Denver area, let’s talkJanie@MyInsideDesigner.com or 720-331-3074.

Moving Assistance

We can help with paint colors and create a pre-moving furniture placement plan. Once you’ve settled in, we can style your accessories and hang your art. We offer personalized shopping services to find the perfect missing pieces to compliment your rooms.

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