Home Staging Mentorship Porgram

Learn the ins and outs of the home staging industry first hand by shadowing a successful home stager in Denver, Colorado.

If you are thinking about starting a home staging business, it is invaluable to go through a home staging mentorship program. Find out if this could be the right career for you! This program is not a staging course. It is a realistic, in depth look at how a successful stager interacts with real clients, and the work that goes into building a business.

You’ll get a realistic glimpse of the ins and outs of the business – going on jobs with real clients, as well as a practical hands-on knowledge that prospective stagers won’t learn about in school. One-on-one training is customized to your individual needs. There are many types of staging and facets to running your own staging business.

Are you already a stager, but want to take your business to the next level? I’ll show you how!​

When I started my staging and design business 15 years ago, I would have loved the chance to have one-on-one mentoring. It would have jumped started my business and saved me costly mistakes. Now, I’m living my creative dream and running a thriving staging and design business in the Denver area. Mentoring prospective stagers is a chance to give back by sharing my insight, tips and advice with others who want to pursue their decorating dreams.

You can choose any of the following options:

• One-Day Mentoring: Job Shadowing
Includes occupied job shadowing, how to interact with clients, one-on-one time with a professional home stager tailored/focused on where you are at presently in your career and coaching that will help you move to the next level.

• One- or Two-Day Mentoring: Vacant Staging
Learn how to prepare job estimates, what it means to “pull a job”, a behind-the-scenes look at our warehouse, inventory secrets, how to’s, what to buy and what not to buy. Shadow and help out at a real vacant staging job. This is a one or two day option.

• One-Day Mentoring: Building and Marketing Your Staging Business
If you are just starting your business plan, we will identify who your customers will be, and how do you get them. If you already have your own Home Staging Business, we’ll talk about how you can build your business and get more clients. In both instances, we’ll talk about marketing techniques, developing relationships, overcoming industry challenges, and marketing tools including your website, social media, advertising, e-marketing and more.

Kim F., Castle Pines, Colorado​
Janie was great!  She took a dedicated 5 hrs of her time just to show me how she stores staging items, what to purchase and what not to purchase.  Here’s a peek at my time with Janie: showed how she keeps jobs organized and she let me pull part of her upcoming job visited her warehouse where larger items are stored, and invited me to come on a job with her generously shared information and answered any questions I had reviewed my website and recommended a few things that would help told me things she used to do and won’t do in her business today, which was very helpful. Janie was gracious with her time and knowledge and I would recommend her to any new stagers.  That is exactly what I was expecting from a mentor and she deserves much kudos!!!
Donna Schifflet​
Janie was such an inspiration to me. Being new to the staging industry, she showed me so much in a short amount of time.  First, we were able to go to a home Janie was staging. I was able to learn so much- it was awesome!    Next, we went to her warehouse and she show me how she had her staging inventory organized. I was able to come away with some great ideas. Janie was wonderful to be with…she answered all my questions. I would recommend her for anyone who is just starting – looking to improve or make changes to their staging career. Janie, it was an awesome experience. THANK YOU SO MUCH! 
Donna Hendrix​
Janie is very professional and genuinely friendly. She is so gracious; she shared business advice as well as design and staging ideas. She allowed me to shadow her on a full day of consultation business and she included a very fun tour of her warehouse. Not only did I get to spend a lovely day with her; she also invited me to help her on a vacant staging job on another day. I feel that I received my “money’s worth” and MORE on my “Mentoring Day” with Janie. I would highly recommend her if you’re new to the business and want expert advice. She’s very business savvy, organized and totally hip!!
Diana H., Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Janie is awesome, and she brought me back down to ‘earth’.  She had great advice and I would recommend ‘stagers’ take advantage of this support at the beginning of their career.  I think it helps people to focus in on what it is they really want to do in staging, giving them a hands on ‘this is what you are in for’ in the beginning.  I had lots of ideas on revamping my website but hearing suggestions from a veteran like Janie was priceless.
E. Castro, Denver, CO
My experience shadowing Janie was amazing and I learned so much in just one day! She was professional, incredibly helpful and very open to sharing all of her knowledge. During our time together, I had the opportunity of going on a job with a real client and understand the many facets of the business. Janie had answers to all of my questions and was so willing to continue mentoring me as I explore this new business venture. At the end of the day, I felt energized and inspired!
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